*** Special Announcement: RAP 21 Launches the First African Newspaper Management Award ***

African newspapers of all sizes are invited to present examples of excellence in media management

An award that exclusively recognizes the excellence in the management of African newspapers was created by the World Association of Newspapers. This prize, with a prize of 3000 for the finalist, is the first to be organized on the continent.

Newspapers around the world must struggle harder than ever to succeed in today’s media environment, and Africa is no exception. Through this award, we wish to honor newspapers that are taking advantage of innovative business and management strategies to overcome these obstacles and contribute to the success of their newspaper, “said Timothy Balding, Managing Director of the World Association of Newspapers. No newspaper is too big or too small to participate in the RAP 21 contest on newspaper management. We are looking for excellence in management and leadership, and it can be in a newspaper that draws 500 or 5000 copies.

A cash amount of 3000 will be awarded to the winner, and the sum of 1000 will be awarded to the next two finalists. Winning case studies will be featured in the World Newspaper Association Newsletter, a publication distributed to more than 25,000 national newspaper associations and individual members. Advertising for the winning newspapers will also be made in the RAP 21 newsletter and website. Applications will be judged by a jury composed of eminent newspaper experts from the JAML network.

The winning publications will have demonstrated excellence in strategies to improve one of the following areas of newspaper management:

  • dissemination and readership
  • printing and distribution
  • advertising and marketing staff
  • management

How to participate: Each newspaper must complete a detailed participation form clearly outlining the successful management strategy that has led to a concrete improvement in the operation of its newspaper. This improvement should be quantifiable to the extent possible, such as an increase in circulation due to a specific strategy to attract readers, the establishment of a better distribution system, a marketing strategy to stimulate readership, an advertising initiative to increase incomes in Europe. from advertisers, or initiatives to improve staff training or loyalty, and have resulted in a significant improvement in employee morale.

To request a participation form, send an e-mail to rap21@wan.asso.fr

Deadline: March 11, 2005

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